I'm not mad at Jodi. Her obsession with Wiston Cap is actually kind of cute.  My son, Carlos, was obsessed with the Three Stooges when he was four. He called them the 'Three Students', which I thought equally endearing. He didn't talk about them constantly though; he had other interests…The way Jodi goes on and on…it's not healthy.  She carries a picture of that historical dog. I gave it to her, actually…and its not really Wiston Cap, because I couldn't find one I liked as well as my own picture of Scout redone in b&w to appear old.  It's funny because Jodi actually SHOT the photo a few months ago…but she doesn't remember.  She's such a rube, but I can't be MAD at her.


Also, the person whom I said compared himself to Jesus. He didn't.  Either pronunciation. I did.  Hot hot Jesus.

If you read my blog, you should read it with no inclination toward taking it seriously.  Otherwise the terrorists win.