During my afternoon run I was trying to decide what I had to say about the USBCHA National Finals that wouldn't be said better and by more credible sources elsewhere, many times over.  I mean, coming from a person whose biggest goal in a trial will be, once I enter one, is to make it to the post without being humped, the whole thing was more than suitably impressive.  

I guess my on-the-field highlight was seeing the Original P's run with Riggs yesterday.  It was by far the most suspenseful.   It was heartbreaking to see him lose the pen, then the 2nd shed.  But it was really awe-inspiring to see him and Riggs work together.  Even aside from the great leather jacket, their time on the field was a thing of beauty and grace.  I'm considering designing a line of P*Trick t-shirts available in better colors than pink and grey, and instead of standard sizes  s,m,l, xl, I'll have Bitch, Bigger Bitch, Neuter and Riggs.  Jen wants one. 

Off-field, I enjoyed

  • Being scammed on a bet involving ass-grabbing and mid-priced alcohol by a man who compares himself to Jesus (Hard 'J' ….not the one who mows my lawn.  I made that mistake).
  • Dianne's blend of savagery and charm in the Social Setting.  People always accuse me of being able to get away with saying the most outrageous stuff; give Dianne a 16 ounce Chelada and someone who takes himself a bit too seriously. Add hand gestures and stir.
  • Jodi finally pronouncing Wiston Caps name right.  Now I hope she'll shut up about him already.