Yeah, not so many updates, eh? Not even a chitter on twitter.  The steamy nougat from whom I purchased my domain name,, has expired my name (eyeherdewe, not Katy, which seems to still be working…marginally. I am considering getting some stronger silent consonants just to puff up my nonexistent image with some fabricated originality — Katgh. Katje. Katyx. Whkaty.)

I haven't turned my computer on, although the smart thing to do would have been to let it do my talking, at least. To communicate, simply point at the screen and limit my mouth's business to chewing.

I hope that they someday invent a disposable liver, because I could use it. I know, I know…I could just buy a baby from China, but that's so TRENDY now.  I might as well drive my spare organs around in a Prius.

Anyway. The Finals are great, wish you were here. No. Really.  

That's all I've got in me at the moment.  Well, that and a ginger cookie.