Let me just say, that, I know it's wrong, and I know it's ruining our lives…and killing babies, and eating them, with kitten-head sauce, but, like most things I've ridiculed relentlessly, I've just signed up for twitter.  Tomorrow Jodi and I are driving to Klamath Falls to watch the USBCHA Finals and I wanted to make sure to spew my 120 character updates the easy way, the mindless way, the thoughtless brain dump that is our new way of communicating way.  Eyeherdewe on Twitter, if you care.

I'll also try to blog, but I don't know how much I'll have access to the full blown keyboard thing.  I like the idea of limiting myself to 120 characters. Its like poetry only stupid in a new, less romantic, not at all time-honored way.   Maybe I'll throw in some rhymes.  Just to make it the Tri-Fecta of Suck.