I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Seattle listening to a smokey voiced woman lie on the phone to whoever is picking her up on the other end,

"No, I got bumped…."

(She was late and missed her flight. I've been following her tragic tale for 5 minutes.  It involves Motherf*ckers not cutting her slack for having to haul her "GODDAMNED kid" across the "shittin' airport").

Meanwhile her 'kid', a cute little thing no more than 3 is chanting "F*ck F*ck F*ck"… while watching Finding Nemo on a mini-dvd player. 

"We couldn't afford no cab.  I had Mike take me…no I'm not f*ckin him no more…I need a goddamned cigarette.  Go put he lid on that bottle and save it for later…"

"I'm hungry." plaintive whine.

"Shut up. For five minutes…"

To person on phone, "She is NOT hungry, she had a pack of skittles…GOD DAMN I need a fuckin' cigarette!"

Should I ask her how she votes? And what she thinks of the Health Care plan? I could pull a republican move and tell her Obama is advocating Free Cigarettes for low income smokers.

"Health is just another word for nothin' less to lose," I would say.

But no. I'm not like that.