I went to a bookstore at lunch.  I was perusing the shelves and came across the Graphic Novels section.  I've only read one graphic novel, Cruddy by Lynda Barry (Poodle with a Mohawk). The novel was darkly humorous though the illustrations didn't do a thing for me one way or another.  Overall, not a staggering work, but entertaining.  That's what you expect from literature that leans heavily on sketches, right?  So, today I scanned some of the titles to see what I might find and came across 'The Life of Che Guevara – A Graphic Novel'  Yes, the revolutionary socialist hero's life captured…in cartoon.  Like Batman and Destroyer Duck.  Somehow that seems as well-played as Che's likeness in flowers and peace-signs on t-shirts sold in Urban Outfitters.  Che Guevara scratch lottery tickets.  Scratch and sniff. Smells like poor people.

This afternoon I was in a meeting with a man who, according to my boss, Janyce, 'has problems working for or with women'.  Definitely he is not a lover of eye contact.  I tried and ended up almost throwing my back out.  I stopped short of stabbing his ocular orbs out with cocktail swords and holding them up to my face. I love a challenge.  I love a cocktail. Unlike the Che marketing team, I recognize going too far.  This guy who can't make eye contact with women is on my project team and so, as his vaginate leader, I intend to help him Overcome.  I'm seriously considering shaving my eyebrows and drawing on new ones to match my mood.  Anger, surprise, befuddlement….I think if one is drawing on one's face during a meeting, all eyes will tend to be on that one's graphic face, yes?  I've been wrong before…with that bag o' rattlers team building exercise, for instance.  Still, it's a theory and its why they pay me the middle bucks.   I'll put a model reproductive system in the center of our conference room.  "Ask the Orofice" will be the ultimate in planning strategy.  I think it would be good for people to have to speak their mind into a gaping feminine void. 

I bought a book about a woman's experience growing up in a brutal alcoholic family and becoming fun and functional and well-to-do against the odds. Sober. There aren't any drawings.  There never will be.  She's asdfjkl;…100%.