Remember when I said that I'd update every day? Yeah? Well, turns out I'm a fucking liar.

Last night Jodi and I worked Echo and Jen out at GL.  They both did really well. GL is not an easy place to work because its almost 3 acres bordered by 2 canals and bisected with a spring that makes for 3 foot tall riparian grasses/weeds, plus piles of dead and dying olive trees interspersed with boggy like conditions, all on a hill.  Poor Jen did a face plant in a mud hole at one point, and gave me the look that only Jen can give, the one that says,

"Here we are again, Dangerously Simple Not Patrick!  I'm getting those sheep for you, the ones I got you 12 minutes ago, through the patch of thistle, and sludge. Your Away whistle this time made me want to howl, I have wet feet and my fabulously curly pantaloons are droopy with marsh, festooned with non-edibles….but later at home I'm going to poop on the patio and you can pick it up!"

Scout sat by the gate giving us The Pox with her mind.  I don't want to work her at GL yet. Someday…

That's all for now because I'm having a shitty day. The kind that makes me open and close with expletives.