I watched a documentary on Woody Guthrie the other night.  I found it interesting that in 1941 the Dept. of the Interior paid Woody to write songs about the building of the Bonneville Dam.  He wrote 26 songs in a month glorifying the construction. 
I think its high time that the DOI dusted off the folksinger/songwriter job description and put it back on the shelf.  I’m going to submit it as part of my Project Plan for a nondescript technology upgrade that I’m involved in. No one ever really reads those things…they just glance at the bulleted items and then SIGN THEM.

  • Migrate webservice from AIX O/S to Windows Server
  • Outputs to include KML
  • User Defined Savable Views
  • Caching to mobile device
  • Songs about policy and such

See how you can sneak that sort of thing in?
And because I hate my job, I’ll write the qualificitions for the position and ask that I be laterally moved into it.  Nay, PROMOTED into it.
I will hint darkly that if they DON’T put me into the new songwriter for DOI position it’s because of discrimination against My People.  No one will want to dig any deeper into just who I think my people might be. No one ever has, anyway. 

Here are some of the songs I’m already working on:

Ew! Ewe Make me Sick

Sheep Sheep Sheep, Ewe Best Be Movin’ Off
The Bighorns they be comin’
And they don’t need yer cough

Cowyboy LIghtnin’

Come on, Ma! Let’s light a fire
Wait 2 years while the pasture’s rested
The fed’s will come and plant some crested
Wheat grass Ho Down

That’s all until I’m getting paid and learn to play some instrument.