I'm starting to feel bad about the lack of pictures for my blog…so
I'm inserting a random one from my hard drive just to spruce things
up.  This one I took with my cell phone camera last summer on a bike
ride with my friend Cindy.  She saw this rusty iron garden hook lying
in the ditch and decided, as she always does, to pick it up and take it

"Do you know what these things cost new?" she asked me.
I do not….but I know roughly what it will cost to have it removed
from your spleen…" I replied, "more than everything you've purchased
off of Ebay. Ever. Combined. Times ten."

(It is relevant to note that Cindy has purchased, rashly, drunkenly, among THOUSANDS of other things, two cars from Ebay.)

Cindy is also on the cheaper federal blue cross plan.  The only thing it covers are flu shots and whatever kleenix you use while in the hospital.

thought it might be the last picture taken of Cindy before she impaled
herself on a garden hook going 25 mph down a washboard gravel road on
her bike.  Happily, it wasn't.  We were only about 1.5 miles from my
house though.  She did manage to crash and rip her pants and make a
child cry by screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK in little girl's driveway.

Some other things Cindy has retrieved on bike rides, hikes, river trips, and fires are:

Men's boxer shorts ("They are almost NEW! And FLANNEL! I'm GOING TO WASH THEM!!")

A Tractor Seat ("This will be great on my porch!"  I had to ride with it for 3 days in the fire truck, in my lap. She doesn't even have a porch.)

A single sandal ("It's A BIRKENSTOCK!….the other one might be here somewhere!" It wasn't. She still has that shoe)

A manikin head….this has happened twice.  Both on river trips.
Both currently impaled on stakes in her yard.  Neighbors fear Cindy.  I
should have some heads in my yard….

I truly love mtn biking. And Cindy.