"Cheerleading still most dangerous sport, despite reforms…" – Yahoo News Headline

Really? I can hardly wait for the Worlds Deadliest Cheer reality show to come after Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch ….following these brave limber women in short skirts and enough verve to ovulate an entire population center as they cheat the reaper again and again to music mostly from the 80s.  The death toll from pom pom malfunctions alone must be staggering, not to mention tainted manicures and rival cheerleaders spiking the team vat of Summer's Eve douche with tabasco and eels.  I might be making some of this up because I'm like that.  I can't cartwheel. Never could. 

Worked Jen in the desert on Wednesday with Dianne (and Lora and her dogs from Oregon).  Jen is getting in better shape so her outruns are faster.   She eyed up on me at the Couch Trial, making it really apparent that I haven't really practiced much other than outruns and relatively straight driving with her.  Because one of us is lazy and the other is lazy… So, we're working on not just driving, but 'steering'….moving around an area and changing direction, inside flanks….crossdriving.  The word that best describes us is 'serpentine'… There are no straight lines.  But we're getting there.  My whistles are an affront to man and beast, but Jen seems to interpret them.  
I think that we'd both prefer 80's music, but that's dangerous; could be a gateway to cheerleading.