This last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to sherpa for Patrick and Dianne at the Wessel's Dirt Blowing Trial in Dayton Washington. 
Jen came along as well for backup sheep-staring support.  Mind control.  I think
it worked because Patrick and Dianne did VERY WELL.  I think those who
know Patrick will be impressed with the size of his latest belt buckle
next time they see him swaggering across the trial field in tight
wranglers and snakeskin c-boy boots.  The Buckle: An eclipse of shiny.
Bigger than a baby's head and twice as incapable of
supporting it's own weight.


Thursday night at Mary Hamilton's was delicious and entertaining.   I almost want to add another "Walla" to "Walla Walla".

On Friday,
Dianne won Pro Novice and
Nursery with a dog named 'Annie'.  Annie is a young dog owned by Leslie
Capik (sp?).  She is a dog of functional beauty and an unfortunate
Edward Scissorpaw 's hair cut.   

For awhile on both Friday and Saturday I hung out in setout with Susan and the twins (Hint: Not a euphanism for Susan's breasts…but a different set of big lovable boobs!) and Allen…and others.  Setout is almost always The Place to Be.  ESPECIALLY with Susan around.

Patrick ran Riggs (really really nice
in Open on Saturday, especially) and his nursery dog Andi, and Bette. Saturday night I threw down a couple smoke shack jiggers with Dianne,
Lavonne, Steve and Mike – Smoke Shack Hosts.  NOT JUST Smokers of meat. Tip of
the visor to Steve.  Who needs a clean spatula when you have back door
chingaso juice.  That can be misinterpreted in a million ways.  All
only slightly better than the truth.

Sunday I sat in the combine (best judging tent EVER!) for awhile and scribed for Joe Haynes. Joe is a great guy who explains everything patiently. Even why what were were sitting in will never bail hay.

It was a really fun weekend and a great trial.

Jen and I were so proud of the Original P and Jigger D that we drooled on my leg all the way home
in the back seat.

That is the quick and dirty I'm Tired Update post….