On Sheep:
"I'm a driver, I'm a winner, things are gonna change I can feel it.
" – Beck, Loser

I've been paying Jen in chicken to help me with timing and subtlety and learning not to flail.  It's coming along; I'm whistling more, shouting out crazy tourette's-like wrong commands less; if everything were a Come By we'd be there.  Jen translates the muted special ed. songbird noises that I make…anything not a Come by… as an Away.  I get fewer sideways glances from her.  She seems to have a certain grudging affection for this Not Patrick.  She wags when she looks at me.  It might be pity, but I like to think its more.

We have Sheep at The Leaf now and will spend more quality time there after this next weekend. 

I'm bolding all the possible title's of Jen and my Lifetime channel movie, coming soon.  The most probable though, if Jen has her choice, and she totally will cut me out of this deal if she can….will be one of the following:
'A Bad Hump' – My Summer Living with Simpletons
Stupidity Tastes Like Chicken
Not Patrick Herds a Duck 

Regardless it will be all Jen; with soft focus camera shots and plenty of closeups on those lucious curly pantaloons as she sashays out of frame, with one sideways glance back….to the Not Patrick, probably played by some B-list starlett from the 70s …like Bea Arthur or more probably that british guy 'Bean' in drag…