I had a really busy weekend, full of productivity.  Because *I* am that kind of person.  Add a drop of COMMUNITY SPIRIT and stir.  That's me…

On Saturday, I helped Jodi sort sheep, load sheep and move sheep to the Greenest Leaf this side of the Phyllis Canal.  Later, I helped Jodi move sheep to some undisclosed location in Nampa.  Or Caldwell. Who knows?  Sheep don't need zip codes. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE….PARMA.

Other than sheep, Jodi and I contributed to the economy of Wilder.  I celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Pabst Blue River, Wilder tributary,  by rafting it…sort of.  We played various sports.  We rode bikes. We helped legitimize the late night shift of the alarmingly feral Parma Police Dept.   

Sunday was spent mowing down weeds and bad images of the night before. 

This week's TO DO LIST:  I'm going to form an action committee Parma Police Off Wilder Streets NOW!
Because next time I'm cruising around early in the morning on my bike
IN WILDER, minding my own beeswax, I don't want to have to ask the
Parma Police for his zip code and a map.