This weekend Jen is running me in the ASCA trial.  We have 5 sheep runs. 

We did have 3 sheep and 3 duck runs but during our one and only duck practice session last weekend Jen let it be known that as far as ducks go, she is a nonbeliever.  She has heard of them, the quacking and taste vaguely of pillow chicken, but she doesn't see them.  Will not.  Jen is convinced that ducks are a gateway to regular baths, herding with monkey jockeys and other horrors.  It's just not dignified.  Only a Not Patrick would even try such a thing.

So, Jen has me on sheep for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our plan is to just have fun with people we like, doing something we enjoy on animals that poop something worth rolling in.  I love working for Jen. She is all common sense and easy going.  She's sweet and brings down the anxiety level where-ever she goes. 

If somehow we don't get through the ASCA started course I'm going to have to move to Canada and take up geese fancying and Molson beer.  Jen will change her name to Jan and star in fur flicks. I truly believe that when a career is tarnished by scandal, the only way to shine it up and put it back on the top shelf is by having someone leak a sex vid.  Of course, I also not long ago truly believed Jen and I would take the big trophy in ducks this weekend.  And now I have to cancel my monkey and case of Dr. Bonner's minty soap and start over.

Yeah…It's downhill…I'm tired…I'll post tomorrow.