Today I head to Snowbird, UT for a weeklong gathering of federal nerds.  It promises to suck enough to change weather patterns in the western hemisphere. 

But first a haiku:

Teeth and Teats and bone
Everything I need to know
about life. Culling.

Susan came out to the 'Leaf on friday to check Andrea's sheep and put The Mark on those who should be sold…  these were the ones who didn't squirt milk from their full bags and/or whose teeth were bad and/or were Kate Moss thin.  Fashion has no place in the pasture, turns out. 

This criteria is not bad in general, interpreted slightly to fit almost any occasion. 

Anyway, as always, Susan is a wealth of knowledge and a lot of fun to drink beer with afterward.  She should have her own mobile Sheep Specialist van.  With flashing lights in the shape of nice full teats. 
She should be paid in more than a few Corona Lights at the end of the day. 

More later this evening when I've had my belly full of anemic Utah beer…