Tony – He's sexy, he's dangerous. HE'S ITALIAN!! Lives with sheep, has tattoos in each ear. Even the neuters want a hump

I'm entering the ASCA trial with Patrick's Jen.  Scout isn't ready for an arena trial.  Or maybe I'm not ready for Scout and an arena trial. Not until they legalize marijuana in Payette County and the sheep and I can get stoned to the gills before our run. 
Zeke made it through Started last spring and is not ready for Open.  Not until they legalize marijuana in Canyon County and Zeke and I can share a hash snausage before our training sessions for the next year.

So thanks to our outdated War on Taco Bell, Jen will be my date for the Aussie Prom.

I think I should hire a limo to drop us off at the New Plymouth rodeo grounds. Maybe roll out a red carpet for Jen. Have her wear a little crown as she sashays toward the arena. 

We'd better not suck or Jen will have to hire a publicist and make a sex video to pull her out of this Aussie Club Scandal.   Actually WE wouldn't suck.
I might.  But I'm going to practice. Jen and I are going to start this weekend. We will stay out at the 'Leaf, working sheep, doing each other's hair, giggling over Tony…bonding, getting in shape and trying to ignore the white hot scoutrage simmering in the background.  

I like Jen. We like all the same things: Bacon, Tony, couches…working sheep quietly. We both have a few winter pounds to lose. We're roughly the same age.  Neither of us wants our whiskers tweezed. 

Jen is a beautiful talented dog with a sweet disposition.  I've entered us in the Novice Handler class so that she won't be judged.  It's all about how well I do handling her. 

Tony will be standing by with the camera crew.