I'm trying to update this blog on a regular basis, whether I'm training my dog or not.  I am training my dog, but its more haiku worthy at this point….less full blown post.  (See bottom…of page) 

I'm a much better person when I write and run regularly; neither of which I've been doing for MONTHS.

The transformation from relatively calm, clean, semi-balanced individual with whom you can make eye contact, to seldom-tweezed hysteric who wears her clothing inside out and cries if you add that her shirt is…"also on backwards…" was quicker than you'd think.

My brows are like bad omens over my eyes. If I don't get them waxed soon,  we'll have 6 more weeks of winter. I can tell that this is what the farmer's think and its making people edgy. 

I am the most disorganized undisciplined person you will ever meet, outside of shackles and a mouthguard.  I really struggle to maintain a few important things..running, especially, puts me in a better place AND gives me time to organize my thoughts.  It's the best thing I can do for my mental and physical health overall.  Writing makes me feel good about myself. Like I do have discipline; otherwise I'd have had another beer or watched back to back episodes of CHEATERS! instead.  

If I run and write every day, the other stuff in my life seems to fall into place.  If not…I don't have a handle on anything. 

Sometimes I see a crazy person, the certifiable wacko, on the news or in an article…and I think, "GOD DAMN…she's wacked out enough to have truly believed that her cat, Mr. Pjs, told her to kill the neighbors and steal all their spoons, but LOOK AT THOSE PERFECT EYEBROWS. Why can't I find the time to TWEEZE MYSELF! I'm not hording silverware or knocking off the people next door.  I know better than to take a cat's word for ANYTHING.  What is my excuse for having a unibrow??"

No more.

Lie down lie down lie….
too far from my sheep