Sometimes I truly believe that anything worth saying should be said in spray paint on a wall or in haiku.
If you don't have enough paint or poetry in you, then you should just shut up and wait until you do.  And why is writing on concrete vandalism? Like CONCRETE is too BEAUTIFUL to deface???  I think foul language is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER. Or ear.  For instance, I want to cry when someone besides an optometrist says 'Our Vision' or whenever I hear ..or god forbid READ the words 'Mission Statement'….
But draw a dick on the side of a canal wall, and I say, "I see your point." 

Maybe my line of thinking is influenced by 2 back to back morning work calls where A) the first caller used the word Futuring 30 times in the space of 60 minutes, and B) The second caller started referring to so many different "programs" and "prototypes" in acronym format that it was like reading a bad russian novel. I was so confused and bored by all the vowels and consonants randomly and repeatedly thrown at me that I started humming in defense.

"HFPSSIC and WFDISST both require data from the USGS BFD….the BIA and SPFs can't connect via anything but FTP….are you humming?"

So, I started making up acronyms. 

"I believe that the NFC (No Fuc*ing Clue) will guide where we go next, as an agency, (slight belch),…but first INMC (I Need More Coffee) needs to happen"

Anyway. I'm not answering my phone here at work for the rest of the day.
I've changed my voicemail to just humming. 

"mmmm mmmm mmmm You've reached KMH at the BLM NIFC in GIS, please leave a mmm mmmm mmmm at the mmmmmmm"

Yesterday Scout and I went out to Dianne's with Ellie and Cedar. It was good:

Scout stayed out and I

walked upright mostly calm the

sheep were herded thus

No expletives necessary.