I heard on the radio this morning that Facebook was creating a mindless generation of narcissic attention deficiet disordered teens with an immediate gratification complex.  Self-absorbed me-bots who click click click on the Big Shiny.
I felt cutting edge. More evolved. I've been willing to click on anything that gave me something back relatively quickly ever since the early days of email and amazon.  I'm an email junkie.
AND I have so many books that it restricts our freedom of movement in my house. Shelves upon shelves overflow…stacks upon stacks….many multiple copies of favorite reads, huge collections of classics I haven't read yet, I often think of putting up my own site to sell some of them, along with a picture of me looking scholarly…short facts about myself….MeBay.  I could make a fortune. Who needs 3 copies of Ulysses? Ever read Chaucer? ME EITHER! I have 2 copies of The Canterbury Tales. I could include a picture of me looking puzzled over 14th century english poetry.

Too much work. Click click click. Perhaps in the future I should only buy books printed on edible paper.

I joined Facebook to snoop around on people whom I might know on Facebook.  Now I'm a scramble junkie who is forever trying to come up with the perfect 140 character ending to "Katy is…."
Cienna and my friend Kim refuse to join facebook because, shudder, "I would NEVER do that,"
and yet….both enjoy cruising MY facebook and checking up on their friends via MY LOGIN.  First clicks free! 

I wonder how long before Facebook can add an application that dispenses a food treat.  Something crunchy.