By Saturday, temps are forecast to be in the 80's here in Tucson. 
I miss my dogs.

I ordered the Merck Veterinary Manual off Amazon last night, in a sad 2 buck Chuck reflective moment. 
This weekend sheep died out at The Farm.  Not that it could have been prevented, certainly not by me, and my quick chapter-flipping and reading for comprehension skills….but I think of it as foreshadowing.  Of Farm Living as Harsh and Unpredictable.  Certainly less predictable than Northend Boise living where I have been known to drive the fallen squirrel or road injured bunny to WestVet in Garden City.  ( I like to think of the staff as snickering in encouragement) 
We are MILES from Westvet and I can't fit sheep in my car, easily.  I need to be useful in that environment.
I'm not one of those God's Will type of people, I'm one of those My Fault types.  Books are my soldiers in the army against fear. Sadly, we aren't a great army…we're more like a militia.  One that isn't really armed but likes to get together and fantasize about greatness, drinking a lot of beer.
 I also ordered  'Enfermedades de La Oveja'  because I've been thinking about learning Spanish, too, lately.  I was thinking that if there is anything less likely than me diagnosing an illness in an animal that can't give me verbal clues, it's doing so in a language in which I am fluent only in menu items.  (This was into my 3rd or 4th glass of the 2 buck chuck). 

Now I'm off to work. Class starts this afternoon and we aren't entirely certain the server won't explode when we plug 27 student laptops into it.