Today was one of those rare long-ass federal employee work days. I barely had time to constantly check my email and do random google searches, such was the demand on my time.  Still, I hate to not update the blog for yet another day.                 

Highlights from the weekend:

Dianne and the Maltese Cross. Most everyone who reads this knows exactly what that means, although it amuses me that some people might get here, to my blog, via some sort of related word google search,  and wonder just who this Dianne is, with her mysterious Maltese Cross.  Does it pertain to the Jebus?  Or is she a Malta Enthusiast? A warrier? One of the Order of Bath?
The truth is crazy enough.  I held my breath for the whole thing.  I hope to never be publicly subjected to the dreaded Cross, but I'd love to get to the point with my dog that I'd be confident enough to try it in private. With one or two citizens of Malta looking on. 

Sheep pens.  I spent most of my time in the pens sorting sheep for set out.  I like this work.  I'm starting to get the feel first hand of 'the bubble', plus I'm accepting at last that they, the ewes, don't want to be petted.  They will never accept me as one of their own.   It's like in Junior High, only smellier, and I have the best hair.  Finally.

Greenleaf House inspection.  Eric and Chuck checked the house out on Saturday, looking for obvious issues; there weren't any surprises. I went out to look around. The current owner was out there and we talked with her a bit. She seems like a fun person with good stories, as I've heard from multiple sources.  Has an aussie she trials.  I love her young guardian dog.  His head is as big as a wood stove.  I kept picturing him sleeping on a warm bed.  Inside.  Chewing peanut butter and cheese treats from an extra large Kong.  Meanwhile, outside, sheep are carted off into the night by all manor of predator.  Even the squirrels won't be able to resist helping themselves to the occasional two-headed baby lamb.  I do worry about my instincts.  I love all the wrong things.  Passionately.

Good night.