This is Annie. 
She enjoys eating butter left on the counter, barking at the memory of squirrels, and long runs away from me at a frantic, distracted clip.  Turn offs: the word 'no', leashes, and being second to get to the cat box.

Today I took Annie, along with my other 4 dogs, on a run in the foothills. I chose a little used trail about 8 miles up Bogus Basin road.  I leashed-walked Annie for about 15 minutes, while my other trust-worthy dogs frolicked, sniffed, and rolled. I felt guilty for Annie's restraint.  Once we were far from the road I released her.  Immediately she ran.
My dogs continued to do their usual keeping within 10 feet of me; regularly checking in.  Scout stalked Zeke, Hank looked for something nasty to eat, Jasper ran back and forth between me and her next pee spot… wagging her half tail before running back ahead each time.

Annie ran.  And ran. Huge circles up and down the hills, out of site. She never glanced in our direction.

She ran.  Occasionally I would call her back and she'd come toward me, the tags on her collar jangling her proximity, or sometimes even TO me, and then I would praise her mightily, but mostly I just let that little butter eater run.