Yesterday Cienna and I took the sisters Rio and Scout out to Dianne's.  We worked in the indoor arena, since Dianne's pasture is leased out to several hundred Other People's sheep for the next few days. 

Rio hadn't been on sheep, or anything more prone to natural grouping than Cienna's impressive handbag and shoe collection, since leaving Boise for her new home in Seattle a few months ago.  Rio is calmer and less neurotic than Scout.  She is definately more suited to downtown Seattle living.  Still, she is a border collie and she was excited to see sheep.

It was fun for me to watch genetics at work.  My genetics. Cienna pointed with her stock wand, bent down when commanding her dog, and tripped over the sheep with nearly every step….but only for the first half of the lesson. Then things flowed pretty well.  Rio doesn't seem to have a lot of eye, but she does have a solid down.  This may or may not ever come in handy for Cienna again; perhaps if our planet is invaded by aliens from a ruminant world and they land in Seattle.  Then…I think Cienna and Rio could lead them around Qwest Field for a few hours until the National Guard can be mobilized with a few panels and some grain. 
Anyway, Rio is a great dog for Cienna.  

Scout and I continued to work on her distance off the sheep and my timing.  She and I are working pretty consistantly better together each time.  That's how I feel anyway, and I don't think that's just the Chilada's talking.
Today I will go out to Jodi's and practice some more.