My last 2 posts have been fiction.  As such I should clarify a few things:

1) These characters are not based on anyone whom I currently know.  (Not so far, anyway. It is a work in progress). Much of this I originally wrote a few years ago on a blog I had entitled, "I Am Eating My Husband's Soul"….a blog which eventually was discovered by my mother-in-law who now, thanks to my writing and liberal use of real names, thinks I am INSANE.  Clinically.  Not "madcap" in the fun way that is slightly edgy but still entertaining to hang with.  We're talking crazy enough to cage her son (my husband) and feed him laxatives until he renounces sci-fi television.  It doesn't help that my mother in law is NOT A DRINKER.  That never helps.  It wasn't the first time and won't be the last time that things I've written and thought funny have actually alienated me from my mainstream christmas card recipients.  I will go too far in my writing. If you don't like it, don't read it. This is a blog, I'm not trying to rewrite your bible or give tips for good clean living.

2) This is still my training blog. I hope to organize it so that fiction and reality posts are at least displayed differently.  I know some people only want to read actual training experiences.  Sometimes I feel that I'm at a level with herding where my progress doesn't lend itself to the daily posts I'd like to discipline myself to write.  I suppose i could start yet another blog….and have two, but for me that might mean I wouldn't update either. I'd eat more instead.  I'd dream of writing, while having another handful of chips. Open another beer and think of a post, clean my house instead of writing….etc etc.  Go for a run and construct a perfect sentence.  Right now the 2 things I love most are writing and herding.  I want to maximize my time with each. blah blah blah. How I run on.  That'll do, eh?

3) There is no number 3. I just like the number. Two seems so inadequate.