I’ve been fishing around for something to blog about that won’t be repetitious or bore my 3 readers. I mean, Dianne already knows what we did yesterday and how, as does Jodi…why relive it?  UNLESS…through rose colored glasses… a tale of greatness,  a woman, played by Gweneth Paltrow or Vanessa Redgrave (heavy soft focus) and her dog (played by…uh…could we get Halle Berry in a BELIEVABLE furr suit? If not, that bitchy dog from Babe, I guess, but she’ll have to lose about 15 pounds) overcome the odds by getting off their livestock and issuing a correction in near real time.  
See video below of Actual Raw Footage.

On to other things:
Since most of you are from the Boise area, allow me to suggest some upcoming arts related events:

No, You Shut Up – written and performed by Lauren Weedman at the Boise Contemporary Theater.
I saw her one-woman play, ‘Bust’, last year and it was HILARIOUS. 

The Dina Martina Christmas Show – Cannot be adequately described, must be viewed. The FUNNIEST Christmas show EVER.  Sadly, playing only in Seattle.  Well worth the $39 advance purchase Southwest Airline fare. Stay with my daughter in the Pea Patch.


Remind her that I let her ridiculous friend ‘Jill’, the one who spoke in a fake british accent and had her spleen pierced because she thought it was the next cool organ to stick a fob thru, live with us that one summer. The summer when, after returning from Europe with hundreds of dollars worth of cotton fabric, Cienna and Jill planned to sew their fortunes in the form of halter tops made on my dining room table.  What they made was hundreds of dollars worth of scraps and a mess of my new cookware because Jill cooked with the same enthusiasm and techniques employed by the Eight Century Vikings while raping and pillaging their way across Northern Europe.  I still have one of those halter tops and I bring it out when I want to feel sad for medieval times. 
Stay with Cienna on her little couch, in the cutest little cottage ever, and tell her mommy said, “Maketh Thee welcome or thy Mother will don yon Halter top at Christmas and sing!”

I’m going myself 2 weeks from today.