Stanleyhotel 007

I'm at the Stanley Hotel, Stephen King's inspiration for his book The Shining.  This is the coolest hotel I've ever stayed in.  Built in 1909, it sits on a hill overlooking the tiny town of Estes Park, surrounded by granite cliffs and hills.  Normally for work travel I get stuck in a Marriot or Whateveryawn Suites, in someplace standard government issue, like Denver or Phoenix.  Estes Park is so beautiful, that I want to wake people up at 12 am and tell them about it, slightly intoxicatedly. (Sorry Eric!) (Thanks for still being online, Jodi!)

The hotel is supposed to be haunted, with the ghost of a former housekeeper, for one.  Legend has it that she puts your clothes away and turns on lights.  Man, if I come back you can bet your sweet asterick it won't be to organize anyone's crap or be helpful.   Shit is going to fly.  Beer will open itself. (Finally!)
 My mother, though…she'll come back vacuuming. She loves it too much to ever give it up.  The Haunted Hoover, drifting eerily from bad 70's shag to 90's berber, crashing into door frames, to and fro, baiting dogs… 

Sigh. Back to my meeting.  I'll try to post pictures, which I take badly, later.