This week has been exhausting.  I can easily work outside all day, overtime, doing physical labor, digging line, hiking, carrying heavy loads, chipping rock, building pyramids… but stick me in a room with 15 people who want more than anything to make a flow chart that includes every idea anyone in the room has had since their egg was fertilized…and after an hour and a half I fantasize about being eaten by bears.  Old bears.  I want it to take awhile so that everyone will be forced to pay attention to ME for once.

This morning while I was paying attention to my cell phone and instant messaging (LOL Jodi!) I was elected Chair of our group. (Two year appointment). AND I lost the red marker.  My repeated request for a 15 minute break was met with guffaws.  Infact, much chortling ensued at my expense.  

I can hardly wait for friday when I will help out at the Gem State Herding trial.  Me and Scout.  Outside. With animals. The kind whose shit drops languidly from the right end of their governing bodies.

This weekend I will juggle ducks for the National Collie thingamajig….or kiss sheep on the lips before carrying them to setout if thats what Jodi/Janie ask me to do.  As long as no one wants me to Lead the Sheep in developing a Livestock Action Plan or coordinate the ducks in writing their Mission Statement, I'm happy to be of service.

PS: Dianne, as per your suggestion, I tried 'doodling', but realized mid-doodle, by the stricken looks on the faces of those around me, that I should have clarified what that meant exactly, and whether it is legal on public property.