Last evening I took the three of my dogs who weren't at the vet being old and sick (poor Hank) for their nightly walk/run/roll in something dead or digested.  Very recently I've noticed a change in Scout on these outtings.  She used to stick at my heel, except when we first started out, when she'd blast as fast as possible for a long enough stretch to prove that she could out run Zeke. 

She's gone through a few stages actually. Months ago, she'd bark and bite at my feet, which annoyed the absolute F*CK out of me, for the first 1/2 mile of the run. I'd scream, I'd threaten, I'd throw shit at her. FINALLY, she got off that kick.

She went through a relatively normal phase of following Zeke everywhere, alternating with crouching down and stalking him, pouncing on him and then racing off to do it again.  This Zeke tended to ignore, although for awhile he, too, seemed irritated by it.  When I started working with her on her "lie down" and "stay" on the trail this phase ended.  That was not my intention, but it coincided with the training.

Then Scout went through the longest phase of just following calmly and quietly at my heel. This, too, annoyed me. (Proving that I'm a thankless bitch who will never be satisfied? Perhaps.)  I worried that this indicated some sort of insecurity. 

Ever since Dianne and Jodi called me the Appendages of Yammering Ruin (not their words, exactly) I've been trying to be more aware of my vocal presence, as well as my physical.  I've been trying to lay off calling the dogs back on walks/runs unless its necessary for their safety or my photo op.  No training on the trails. This is recreation time.  Scout is back to ranging out and pouncing on Zeke.  I'm shutting up for Olympic qualifying stretches of time.  I think its healthier for everyone. 

Last night, on our way back to the car, Zeke rolled in something so foul and frothy, dead just long enough to be at maximum putrid level without having lost that juicy cadaver quality….I screamed obscenities all the way home.  All the way home.  I waved my arms and screamed.