092008_004I'm sitting in the relatively empty Spokane airport enjoying SILENCE for the first time in 7 days…. I'm looking forward to going home and seeing my dogs.  Tonight I'll go out to Jodi's with Scout and tomorrow maybe I can actually blog about STOCK DOG things.

Until then and this will be badly edited and crudely constructed as I only have 20 minutes on my wifi:

Things that I didn't like about the trip:
1) First night in Vegas, all the gas was siphoned out of our rental car.  I discovered this in the middle of the desert while we were driving …(to Searchlight, specifically.  When I was a kid we did a lot of camping in the middle of No Where, Calif/Nev/Az deserts. I love the desert, especially the little almost ghost towns.  Senator Harry Reid is from Searchlight, for your trivial enjoyment.  They celebrate him whereever they can in that little dumpy outpost.  Even the women's restroom at the museum.  Truly)

I noticed the Need Gas Bad light was on, strange since I hadn't yet driven 20 miles from the rental car station.  I bitched mightily.  We drove back to Boulder, Nevada (I shouldn't have to add that, but I did keep having to reassure the aging Trix….
"BOULDER?! Why would we go to Colorado, Judy?")

2) A man I was engaged to (there are a few. For awhile I preferred getting engaged/married to dating. It seemed like less hassle, and who can't always use a toaster or crockpot?) was at the wedding.  With his wife.   She was very nice, though she looked like a tragically aged 4th grader.  She's my age and has braces on her teeth. Pink metal.  I say if you've made it to the age of 40 with your snaggle teeth or slight overbite, move on, Toots. But that's just me.   I felt scrutinized the entire time they were around.  It didn't help that my brother kept pulling me aside and telling me how D'Art has regularly for the last 20 years cursed my name. 
"He really hates you for what you did to him."
"What did I do to him?"
"I don't know….he's sort of vague…you dumped him."
"I had Dad dump him, actually."

Anyway, both D'art and his wife hit it off with my daughter and the 3 danced and danced while Carlos and I made fun of them from the sidelines.  No wonder I only get along with 5 people in this world, and 2 of them I gave birth to.

3) Our cab driver in Seattle seriously almost killed us. Twice.  Never again.  I much prefer the city bus. If you are going to careen thru traffic and run red lights, do it in something large enough to handle the impact.

Things I loved about the trip:

1) The wedding.  My family is great.  Chabela's (my sister in law) family is AMAZING.  My family is fun and hilarious.  Chabela's family is all that, in Spanish, and can cook and throw an unbelievable party.  20 miles from anywhere, with rattlesnakes.  AND HAVE EVERYONE show up.

2) The Judys.  Since I spent the entire time being called her name, Cienna and Carlos and I purchased dice in Vegas that said 'Judy's Casino' on them.  Anytime we had to make a decision or sought advice…we rolled "The Judys".
"Consult the Judys." became our standby solution.  Shall we stop for lunch? Should I leave CIenna at the rest stop for nagging me about my driving?  Will Carlos prefer being an only child. 

3) Our country western song writing prowess.   Turns out CIenna and I are extremely gifted CW lyricists.
Across the Calif/NV desert we wrote the following,
"He's a Steak Dinner and She's a Side order of Nag"
"I'm Leavin' You Again" and
"Darlin' I'm Infected"

My time is up.  I promise my next post will include actual Stock Dog subject matter..