We’re in the LV, staying at the El Cortez on Fremont, Old Vegas.  I chose this location because I like Old and so does the Trix.  Also, the price was right and, according to Cheapovegas.com, has "very good" video poker machines; nickel options with decent payoff rates.  That is good news for Trixie.   She LOVES video her poker. Nay, she loves her NICKEL video poker.

Cienna cannot stand to watch loved ones gamble.  (I think its why she hates weddings.)  She won’t play herself, so she hovers.  Above and behind our chairs.  Every time Trix or I are up some pittance, say $1.30…Cienna’s index finger will twitch slowly forward, over our shoulder, toward the CASH OUT button,
"Let’s just cash out!" she trills.  "Let’s quit now…"

Cienna has no problem spending $300 on shoes that match some weird accessory and can only be worn on a day when the relative humidity is below 15% and the temp is above 70, but throw $20 in a machine on a random chance that you’ll pull a straight flush or 4 of a kind…. and you’d think I put grandma’s kidneys on ebay for drinking money. Or talked about voting republican…

"No! Mom! STOP! OHMYGOD! I can’t WATCH…Please. Let’s just…go look at the Elvis museum or something…"

Cienna and the Trix are asleep now.

I’m reading Donald McCaig’s Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men. about the author’s trip to Scotland to find a good trial dog (Border Collie).  I knew I’d find the subject matter interesting, but I was surprised to find that he’s a decent writer. 

I am really enjoying the book.  I know at some point someone will tell me why this is naive or even stupid…but for now I’m in Vegas, missing my dogs, and this is a good book. Tomorrow Trix and I will see what we can get for one of CIenna’s kidneys and play more GAME KING DOUBLE BONUS POKER while across town Cienna recovers in shoes that match her incission.